End Of The Road?

Maybe/maybe not, don’t know if the blog will be back, I’d promised myself a year and that’s now up, I might return in the future so do keep subscribed to the blog. I really enjoyed this journey, the blog pushed me to find and discover new music, which I would otherwise have not known about. Thanks for checking in everyday, the ones who like the posts, the ones who silently follow and everyone in between, hope you’ll discovered some great music, cause I did :-). Anyways I leave you with over 250 artists you could follow up on, so go check the post history or the full years playlist here.  If you’d still like to follow me, my personal twitter is @ikosheen, I do post new music there from time to time. I’m currently working on my own music, so expect a release of an EP/Album soon. I might post a link here. Thanks again, hopefully will be back soon! – A.